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Gay Pride(s) Phuket 2015

It seems like 2015 will have two Pride events. One is a Gay Pride with a grand parade and the other will be a Festival and fundraising event. We wish them both the best sucess and are looking forward to a 2015 with many events in Phuket.

Gay Pride Phuket has been advertised on to start 23 February 2015 by the LGBT community in Phuket and Paradise Complex in Patong Beach. Not much is known. check in here for updates.

A different Phuket Pride week has been annonced by PLU (Phuket Loves You) club as festival in Patong 19-26 April 2015. Fundraising events for Life and Home Project, women and children living with HIV and Aids, and sexworkers in Paradise Complex. The objectives of LHP is here on Facebook. More information about the festival here.

Going to Phuket Pride 2014?
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Phuket Gay Homestay

The new gay accommodation in Phuket
After 13 Years with Connect Guesthouse we moved on with a new project. This is for Phuket a new concept. We call it Phuket Gay Home stay - Neramit Hill. It is a Gay Bed and breakfast in a 5 bed- room pool villa. More info on our website and on Facebook (Don't forget to click like)

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Rooms available from 600 THB per night.
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Weekly Gay Gathering on Saturdays in the form of a BBQ dinner buffet with swim


Welcome to Phuket Gay Home stay - Neramit Hill
K. Ulf and K. Boy



The largest island in Thailand – roughly the size of Singapore –

Gay TourPHUKET is an international destination attracting visitors from Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. With 17 sandy beaches, access to the amazing Pha Na Bay with its dramatic rock formations, and numerous smaller islands, PHUKET has vaulted to become one of Conde Nast’s Magazines top ten tropical resort destinations in the world.

And no wonder. From fantastic food, to world class water sports (a top world snorkeling and scuba diving destination), from fabulous shopping to a vibrant night life, PHUKET has something to offer every traveler. And your money goes a lot farther here than in other places. (You can life the high life in PHUKET for weeks for the same amount of money one week in Hawaii or the Caribbean would cost you.) There are countless smaller boutique hotels and guest houses – both stylish and inexpensive – as well as the usual array of the world’s top hotel chains.

The weather is tropical with plenty of sunshine. Don’t bother bringing a lot of clothes with you – life on the Island is casual. Though the High Season – from late November to early April – when it is cold in the northern hemisphere and the temperatures range from the mid 80’s for highs to the mid 70’s at night – attracts the most people, PHUKET is now a year round destination. The attitude is laid-back tropical fun. But whether you are an adventurer, sports enthusiast, sightseer or world class shopper or night time person - you will never be bored here. There is simply too much to see and do. Or you can do absolutely nothing at all.

While many travelers to PHUKET come here and simple never leave, PHUKET’S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT allows visitors to explore not only the rest of Thailand – from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, you can also easily connect to Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Malaysia or Myanmar. There are active Gay scenes in Bangkok, Pattaya (an hour or two south of Bangkok,) and Chiang Mai in the north.

If you want to explore the island, go native and rent a motorbike for around five dollars a day.

And, like Amsterdam, Sitges, Fire Island and San Francisco, PHUKET is one of the world’s most exciting Gay playgrounds. Parasail, snorkel, play golf, ride an elephant, canoe in hidden caves, sightsee, take a Thai cooking school course, have a tailor make you a custom suit, dance the night away or just spend lazy days on the beach. PHUKET has it all – adventure, sun, nightlife, shopping, great food and friendly people. They don’t call Thailand The Land of Smiles for nothing. This may just be one of the friendliest places on earth. If you haven’t been to PHUKET you simply haven’t seen what Gay life can be like.

The Gay lifestyle on PHUKET is centered in the tourist hub of Patong Bay where there are dozens of Gay venues – hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and shops. There is always something going on in the Gay hub near the Paradise Hotel, and any excuse for a party fits the Thai lifestyle. From the Gay Festival in April to the Vegetarian Festival in October – there are unique holidays and celebrations all year long. Nobody anywhere likes to have fun (“Sanuk in Thai – it’s almost a religion).

The Gay traveler will feel right at home in PHUKET. Legal in Thailand, gays here are welcomed and respected and the prejudice found elsewhere in the world simply doesn't exist. Katoys – transvestites – have long been a part of Thai life – respected and accepted by the general population. Whether you come with your partner or a group of friends, or even by yourself, you will find a wide variety of Thais who will welcome you with open arms.

Meet new friends at local bars and clubs, or on the beach, PHUKET has long been the antidote to loneliness and boredom. There is an active ex-pat Gay community here and lots of Thais, and it’s easy to make friends and find companionship

99% Buddhist – Thailand is Southeast Asian in culture, Western in lifestyle and a safe and nurturing environment for all travelers of whatever age, sex, religion, ethnicity, country of origin or sexual identification.

And don’t forget to bring your camera – PHUKET is surrounded by natural beauty and spectacular ocean vistas, sunrises and sunsets.

The 2004 Tsunami wrecked havoc on parts of the island, but everything has been totally rebuilt and restored. If you didn't’t know there had been a Tsunami you would never guess based on the restoration. On PHUKET it’s as though the Tsunami never happened.

Upcoming events:

Proposed upcoming events:
Something to look forward to.

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Recent events
NEW ! Check this out on Youtube links below

Grindr Party at Connect 1 Oct 2010
Connects Gay Day tour 2 October 2010
LadyGaga nigtht-1 26June2010
Lady Gaga night-2 26June 2010
Gay Night in Paradise Complex May 2010
Songkran 2010 April 2010
Songkran 2010 splash outside Kiss
Vickkys birthday Party April 2010
Vickkys birthday show at Connec April 2010
Connect 12 years anniversary party April 2010
Phuket Gay Pride February 2010
Connects Gay Day Tour (Saturdays)

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New sauna in Phuket Town
Located in Phuket Town, opposite the Katina Hotel (former ST Hotel) inside the Phuket Modern Life project, in a 2 block 3 storeys’ building is the Tara gay sauna.
Everything is brand new and clean. Inside the compound you will find locker rooms, showers, dry sauna, steam sauna room, gym and bar and of course a cruising area. There is also an outdoor café and a karaoke room.
Entrance fee is only 120 THB and open hours from 6PM until midnight 7 days a week.
Owner Khun Noi welcome you.

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Weekly events:
– Outdoor men only Gay Gathering with Food, Drinks, Fun and swim every week at Phuket Gay Home stay.
If this is the first visit to Phuket its a perfect opportunity to meet new friends. Locals, tourists and ex pats in different ages. Bring your swim wear. Round-trip transfer from Patong at Backstage Bar
- "Here you can actually talk with people you meet" is a regular comment from guests.
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